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A Fitness​ Gym​ Comm​itted to Help​ing People Reach Their Potential

From speed training to boot camp, a variety of fitness training services are available.

Setting You on the Road Towards Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Mission Statement

For AA Fitness 845, change is a positive part of life. We make it our mission to positively affect the lives of the people in our community through health and wellness. At our fitness center in Ellenville, New York, we teach patience, mindfulness, and discipline to our fitness members. This is because we believe that when you feel your best, there is no goal too far or bar set too high.

Meet Our Owner

Adan dreams of being independent, heard, and understood. He would never settle with just being average. He always wanted more and never hesitated to go the extra mile. The idea of AAFitness845 was never just an idea, it was a goal! He got certified and started his personal training journey. Long hours of preparation, hard work, and dedication. The journey was not easy.  After months of work, we arrive here. An established business with the mission to impact lives in a positive way.

Real talk 

AA Fitness 845 is my second home. No matter who you are, I will do my best to impact your life.  I'll make sure to push you to your limits. I'll be your number one fan! AAFitness845 is my new family to a small-town kid with the desire to give back to the town that basically raised him.

Why did you come to AAFitness 845

I just needed to find a gym. This location was close and the moment I walked in his energy was present. Adan made sure I was prepared and even offered to teach me how properly bench press. Dude didn't even know me? Yet he treated me like family

- Kevin James 

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